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Because pets age much more quickly than people, it is very important to keep a close eye on your senior pet's health. Dogs and cats over the age of 7 are seniors, and need special attention. They are at risk for the development of cancer, diabetes, and other disorders of the skin, thyroid, joints, kidneys and heart. Often, these conditions come on gradually, and owners may not detect the ongoing discomfort they may cause.

If you own a dog or cat that is over seven years old, we recommend that you bring your pet in for an examination twice a year. As dogs and cats grow older, their eating habits, energy levels and overall physical condition often change. In order to ensure that your pet lives a long, enjoyable life, you should report any of these changes to us so that we can identify any possible problems.

For older pets, we feel that it is vital to take a proactive approach to their medical management. We want to be able to detect any of the disorders common in older pets early on in the disease process in order to provide a long, comfortable life. Additional medical testing allows us to do this. To keep your pet healthy for as long as possible, we offer the following special tests for senior pets:

  • Senior blood panel (blood chemistry and complete blood count)
  • Urine Analysis
  • Thyroid testing
  • Screening for Diabetes and kidney or liver problems
  • Radiographs (X-rays)/ultrasound of the thorax and abdomen
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Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital
706 W. Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Eastpointe Animal Hospital
18243 E. Nine Mile
Eastpointe, Michigan 48021

Canton Animal Hospital
43439 Michigan Avenue
Canton, Michigan 48188

Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital
24020 Southfield Rd.
Southfield, Michigan 48075

Northville Animal Hospital
16795 Northville Road
Northville, MI 48168
Ph: 248-348-2220