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Desi Desi

Desi is my little hero! He was born with many health problems, being small and the only surviving pup of the litter. He has always had problems with his breathing, but lately it seemed to be getting worse. We tried antibiotics and steroids, but those seemed to only help for a couple of days. Finally, when it seemed that Desi was literally gasping for air, I took him to the Emergency Animal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with Bilateral Laryngeal Paralysis. They told me that Desi would need an operation to open his airway, but that there were only three specialists in Michigan who did this operation. I took him straight to Michigan Ave. Animal Hospital, where Dr. Ajaib Dhaliwal has been my veterinarian for many years. He recently studied this very operation and watched it performed at Michigan State University, and assured me that he could do it. What a miracle! Dr. Dhaliwal performed the surgery, and Desi is doing great. He goes for walks again, and dances around the living room for treats! Thank you Dr. Dhaliwal for saving Desi's life and giving him his quality of life back. Dr. Dhaliwal is the sort of doctor who cares about the animals he treats, and will go to any length to help.

My Sincerest Regards,
Nancy Thom

kilo Kilo

Our Papillon, Kilo, broke his leg when he was just over one year old. We were devastated as you could imagine. Our local vet suggested that Michigan State University is where we needed to go for the surgery required to insert pins. The lead surgeon, Dr. Zachos, did a great job with the operation. She was very good with us, explaining before the surgery what to expect. Afterward, she called and e-mailed to check up on Kilo's progress. Kilo's bandages needed changing every week and we live over an hour from MSU. Dr. Zachos suggested we use Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital and Dr. Dhaliwal for this aftercare.

Here's the important part. If your animal is injured or ill, you have to take them to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital and Dr. Dhaliwal for care. He has a great heart and skill for taking care of animals and the people involved with them. To make a long story short, Kilo re-broke his leg right as he was almost healed and Dr. Dhaliwal called Dr. Zachos and the next day, they performed another surgery to insert a plate. The surgery this time was performed right at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. Dr. Dhaliwal has complete surgical facilities on site. The surgery and aftercare were once again excellent and Kilo is doing great. We're happy to say that Kilo's taken his first walk around the block in over seven months. It's really cool that he can show you x-rays on his iPhone. I also want to mention he was very kind to us about the price.

Nikki Martell

"Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital is the BEST!

I run a volunteer foster home for Great Dane Rescue Inc. (GDRI) - In June, a young woman contacted GDRI after her Great Dane, Zeus, was hit by a car. She'd been told his leg would require surgery costing nearly $4000.00 or it would need to be amputated. I drove to her house, where she signed the paperwork to surrender Zeus. He was taken immediately to MSU for surgery. I live in Ypsilanti; just down the road from Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. As it turned out, Dr. Dhaliwal just so happened to be at MSU and was on the team who performed Zeus's major surgery. (If only the rescue group had known beforehand that Dr. Dhaliwal could have done the surgery SOOO much cheaper than MSU!!)

Dr. Dhaliwal is truly the most caring vet (and person!) I've ever met in his profession. He makes you feel like you are his only client. Zeus required extensive weekly follow-up care to tighten his external fixator, and then once that was removed, he was put in a cast which had to be changed weekly. Anytime - night or day - if I had any worry or problem, Dr. Dhaliwal was there for us and always said, "bring him right in!"

Today is a day of celebration for Zeusie and I. Dr. Dhaliwal gave his leg an all clear - he has healed and has full range of motion and I have also decided that Dr. Dhaliwal be Zeus` vet for the rest of his life, because I've decided to keep / adopt Zeus. ?

Dr. Dhaliwal and the rest of the staff at Michigan Ave Animal Hospital make you feel like family. Everyone is so nice and accommodating.

Amazing bone surgeon, wonderful person and a highly recommended vet

Michigan Avenue Animal Hosp is the BEST!"

Andrea G., Ypsilanti, Michigan

"Dear Dr. Dhaliwal and Staff:

Thank you so very much for healing Shadow also known as "Little Man." On November 16, 2006, Shadow was taken to an animal hospital, near his home in Farmington Hills, for what appeared to be a urinary blockage, a problem he had previously experienced. Two days later, on November 18, the doctor advised, us that Shadow was still blocked and would require surgery. To describe us as distraught would be an understatement, particularly when the doctor advised us that the type of surgery would be expensive and that she knew of only two locations that could perform the necessary procedure. The doctor then telephoned Dr. Dhaliwal and explained the situation. The moment of that telephone call was a blessing. Dr. Dhaliwal agreed-to wait at his office so that we could immediately drive Shadow to Ypsilanti. Time was of the essence as "Little Man" was unable to urinate without the catheter that had been inserted into him.

When we arrived in Ypsilanti at Dr. Dhaliwal's clinic, he was there to meet us. Although we were emotionally distraught, he was calm and reassured us that he would do everything possible to save "Little Man's" life. That very evening, although it must have been nearing or after 7:00 PM, Dr. Dhaliwal performed the first set of two very delicate and complicated surgeries on Shadow. These surgeries involved opening the bladder and then refashioning the urethra that had been damaged by stones created in Shadow's bladder.

On November 20, Shadow returned home, only to return again to Dhaliwal's office on November 21. Urine was leaking back into Shadow's bladder. Once again Dr. Dhaliwal expressed that he would try again to repair the injury to Shadow's urethra: Two more surgeries, one to clean out the area where urine had seeped into Shadow's body-and the second to try again to repair the urethra. That evening, knowing we were waiting with bated breath about Shadow's condition, Dr. Dhaliwal called at 11:30 PM, immediately after completing the surgeries - to advise that once again Shadow had pulled through the surgery and now we would have to wait to see how he convalesced.

Several days later, Shadow was doing well and appeared to have returned to his usual mischievous self, even removing the cone around his head and jumping on one's back if one were to bend down or kneel near him! We returned to Dr. Dhaliwal’s office for another check-up and Shadow, who we were beginning to think enjoyed surgeries, had pulled out an inner suture thereby creating a small hernia in his stomach region! Shadow underwent a fifth surgery! Finally, though, here we are in February 2007 and Shadow appears to be well on his way, to not only complete healing but finally gaining back the fur that had to he removed to facilitate the surgeries.

Dr. Dhaliwal we THANK YOU and your staff for all that you have done: You truly saved our "Little Man's" life and for that alone and the sincere kindness all of you have shown us, we can never thank you enough."

Sydney Turner
Bob Beno
Shadow (Little Man) and King (The Big Guy)

"Dr. Dhaliwal has taken exemplary care of our family's pets for several years, and we have been extremely pleased with the caliber of care we have been provided. We always feel questions are welcome, and Dr. Dhaliwal spends whatever time is required to provide answers, whether we are in the office or just speaking on the telephone. Somehow he manages to remember our pets' strengths and weaknesses among all of his other patients. When one of our pets is ill, Dr. Dhaliwal makes every effort to calm our fears while treating our pet in a gentle, loving manner.

Dr. Dhaliwal has phoned our home inquiring as to the condition of an ailing pet, indicating genuine care and concern, as well as willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Dhaliwal for providing quality care to our beloved pets. His loving and understanding way makes us feel we have found the best veterinarian and a new friend."

The Wagner family, Aria, and Jasmine

Did you know? After being handled, cats lick themselves to smooth their fur and get rid of the human smell.


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